The Great American Road Trip (from the LifeProof Blog)

They say the best thing about living in Colorado is Moab. Now, I don’t necessarily want to leave my home of Colorado, but maybe we could annex it. Coloradotah, anyone? Utahlorado? Well, in the mean time we just enjoy some road trips across the boarder into the wild land of southern Utah…

Great American Road Trip: Utah - 2,300 miles,12 days, 4 friends, 3 National Parks, 3 National Forests, 2 State Parks, 1 car. The route was laid out, my cameras and gear were packed—and the desert was calling. None of us could handle the anticipation.

If you’ve never made your way out to Utah, you should start planning ASAP. In twelve seemingly too short days we were able to experience BLM canyons, Arches National Park, Monument Valley (Arizona, I know), Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, Leeds Canyon, Goblin Valley State Park, Little Wildhorse & Bell Canyons, and Fifth Water Hot Springs…whoa, exhale. I mean, the uniqueness and diversity in all these places is truly remarkable. We spent our time travelling from beautiful location to even more beautiful location, then on to some more beautiful locations. There were massive canyons, the vast desert, the nearly claustrophobic slot canyons, and the soothing hot springs. Nothing can compare to the absolute still silence that happens when isolated in some of these locations.

These ‘extended’ (more than just a weekend-warrior type trip) road trips have become an almost sacred to me. Anyone who has headed into the wild yonder with a rough route planned, a whole lot of camping gear, and the goal of seeing the most beautiful places possible while seeing the fewest outsiders knows—stepping back into the real world afterward is almost awkward. Now that we have returned from this trek, all eyes are set on the next major adventure in July: Pacific Northwest. However, don't wait for that...go hit the road and do some exploring for yourself!

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